Saturday, 15 July 2017

Feeding time for York Minster Peregrines

RSPB York Local Group were in Dean's Park, York Minster today. Jan Elsworth from the membership team turned up and put up her gazebo, which was very welcome due to the heavy rain.
Doug Crawford was also there. Doug is one of the main contributors to the twitter site for the peregrines and has put some excellent photos on the site. Doug told myself and Jan about the peregrine chicks and he showed Jan one of the chicks on the balcony.
Colin Rafton and Peter Reed, members of the RSPB York Local Group arrived at one pm to help for the afternoon. During the morning we had seen the male bird several times, but for most of the morning he had been sat on top of one of the gargoyles, and it took a bit of time for visitors to spot him. Plus the rain and poor light, so the morning was a fairly quiet affair.
Doug showed Colin and Peter where the male was and the spot on the balcony to look for the chicks, so I decided to leave. Colin  remarked that the action would probably start if I left and how right he was.
I had just packed my camera away when the male bird returned.
  He landed on the balcony with a pigeon and started to pluck it, you might be able to see some feathers in his beak.
He then took off again.
carrying the pigeon. He flew around a couple of times

and then returned to the balcony, this time landing on the ledge
I could just see his wings. He then flew to a nearby perch, from where he could probably see the chicks feeding.

I then left. We will be back on Saturday August 26th. Will the chicks have flown by then?
I must go back a bit more often to see how they are progressing.
Reception duty at Blacktoft tomorrow.

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