Monday, 21 April 2014

North Cave: Easter Monday evening.

Back to school tomorrow, so the plan was to spend the last night of the holidays with a gentle stroll around North Cave Wetlands, in the sunshine!!
What happened was, I had a fairly brisk walk in the rain, the closest I came to any heat was the med gull!!

He was busy chasing all the black headed gulls away. Avocets were claiming nesting sites outside Crosslands hide, whilst mallard and gadwall were busy feeding.

 Cowslips and campions were in flower in the hedgerow.

From the south hide swallows and sand martins were flying low over the water, whilst tufted ducks looked for food.

A woodpigeon was sat by the roadside and a lapwing was busy feeding near a fence.

I have attempted to "improve" this mornings pictures.

As I mentioned earlier it is back to work tomorrow, so the blogs will become a weekend event I guess. Many  thanks to you for helping me achieve over 8000 readers. 

Easter Monday morning at Fairburn Ings.

Had to go to the reserve shop today so that they can send a broken tripod plate off for repair. Had a walk around whilst I was there. Avocets at Hicksons, willow warblers and chiffchaff singing. Not much to see from Lindyke hide as it was a bit misty. A grey heron landed nearby but there were grasses in the way of the closest shot.

A walk down the cut was rewarded with views of blackcap, dunnock and robin. Sand martins and swallows were flying overhead.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Saturday day out.

The day started with Chris picking me up at 7.30am and we headed for West Yorkshire. Chris had planned a route to take us to three birding venues. Stop one was Deer Hill Reservoir, where we hoped to see twite.

As we walked along the road, we came a cross a small group of golden plover in a field.

Once we had reached the reservoir, Chris put some seed down on a track to try to attract a flock of twite, who were in the area. However someone had put some seed down just around the corner and the twite were busy feeding there, so we moved closer and took some pictures.

Wintersett and Anglers Country Park was our next stop. On the information board we learned about some recent spring arrivals, so we made our way to the main hide. From here we saw an arctic tern, common sandpiper, grey plover and house martins.

We walked across the car park and alongside the boating lake. We managed to se a willow warbler and a chiffchaff and hear blackcap. Further along we heard at lease one cettis warbler and saw two whitethroats.
Time to move on to Old Moor, just a few miles away. First we called in at nearby Gypsy Marsh.

Old Moor reserve was our last part of call. Here we added several birds to our day list, taking the total to 60, more than the target of 42 that Chris set us at 7.30am.

After tea it was time take my eldest granddaughter out. We came across a class 37 pulling this special train.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A day out at Bridlington.

The granddaughters wanted to go to the seaside, so off we went to Bridlington. We were lucky enough to get a chalet near the beach, so we were able to shelter from the cold wind.

After we had played on the sand and had a paddle I went for a walk. It was low tide, and birds were feeding in the mud.

A small group of kittiwakes were using a ledge on the outside of the harbour wall.

The Yorkshire Belle was ready to go cruising, lets hope the shearwater cruises this year run and offer us close views of some birds like sabines gull. 
 The barnacle goose was in its usual place in the harbour
A herring gull had found a shellfish and was having to fight off other gulls.
Back at the chalet I was looking at he birds on shore. The tide was coming in and I noticed some small birds with some gulls feeding on some seaweed. I went down to the beach and managed to get close enough to get some photos.

A wheatear and a swallow flew over the beach and it was time for us to go home. The turnstones were on the grass in front of the chalets. We are booked come back in August after we have been to Mull, when I would be expecting to see terns.