Monday, 29 July 2013

Fairburn Ings and North Cave Wetlands

I have not been to Fairburn Ings for a while so decided to pop in for an hour late afternoon. Nice view of gsw at the Pickup Hide, but not much else so went to Lin Dyke.

Just got to the hide before it started to rain. Good views of green sandpiper, lapwing, redshank, snipe etc. Left when the rain stopped and just got back to car when it started again. Drove to North Cave Wetlands and just got there after the rain stopped.
A pleasant evening watching common terns, avocets and little ringed plovers. Adult birds were looking after young and chasing other birds away.

This shelduck had three young who were busy feeding but they kept going different ways and the adult did not know which way to go!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Waverly

On a Sunday morning a steam train leaves York headed for a journey over the Settle to Carlise railway.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

rspb Blacktoft Sands, July 27th.

I was at Blacktoft Sands reserve just after 8am. I started in the Marshland Hide and was greeted with a good view of lots of waders in front of the hide, however they were not there long as a very keen adult avocet was chasing everything away.

I  decided to move on to the next hide the Xerox. In front of this hide there were lots of black tailed godwits, spotted redshanks, ruff, redshanks and some dunlin. A marsh harrrier flew over and scared the bird, and some landed a little closer.

From the hide I could see a ship moored up on ther river and the ponies that help keep the reserve tidy by grazing.

From the other hides I was able to see little egrets, wood sandpiper, mute swans and grey herons. I also saw some white butterflies as I walked along the path.

Some tree sparrows were making a lot of noise in a bush.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Duchess of Sutherland and County of Essex

Trying something new today. The Scarboro Flyer from Crewe was running today so my grand daughter and I went down to the station at York to see it. On the departure board it was showing as leaving from platform 5, so we positioned ourselves, along with others on platform 2. Trains to Liverpool, Scarborough, London and Southampton came in and left. An empty station, just perfect for a good view of the train then this pulled in and stopped in front of us!!

Now what, panic and run to platform 5, or stay. We stayed and were rewarded with the following views. I need to make the videos a bit bigger. The train is due back in an hours time, so I might have a couple of more shots to add to the blog.

Went back to the footbridge and there were a lot of coal trains about.

At last the special train came past. The steam train was at the front this time.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Frampton Marsh July 25th

Chris had oranised one of his special days out, a trip to Frampton Marsh. Sightings from the previous day promised us several birds to add to our year list, and the chance of a bird for my life list. We arrived just after 11am and joined a group of birders watching a bird, We discovered that they were looking at a white rumped sandpiper, our star bird for the day. The bird was elusive so we decided to move on in the hope of seeing other birds on our list. We went to the 360 degree hide and from here we could see lots of bar taile godwits, a few knot stil in their red plumage, little egrets, little and ringed plovers. We moved on to another hide in the hope of seeing curlew sandpipers, but again no joy. Avocets, shelduck and sand martins could be seen, and then Chris found a greenshank.

Our next stop was in the East hide where we found our greenshank again and came close to a family of mute swans.

No joy with any different birds, so we set off again to retrace our steps. At one point we could see the famous Boston Stump.

As we approached the visitor centre we came across about 20 other birders who were looking at a bird, in a similar spot to where we had seen the white rumped sandpiper some 4 hours earlier. The feeling amongst this group was that the bird we kept getting glimpses off was a bairds sandpiper.
So did we see one or two rare birds, we will have to wait and see what the "experts" say.
On the way home we called in to see the lat 8 sailed windmill in Britain, at Hecklington.
 Another great day out, thanks to Chris and his planning and driving. I owe you again!!